Working at The Michael J. Fox Foundation was one of my most rewarding work experiences. It was rewarding both for the opportunities that it gave me to develop and expand my skills but also for the chance it gave me to apply my skills and expertise to a truly worthy cause.

mjfffRedesigning the website of The Michael J. Fox Foundation was an amazing project to work on. Gathering and synthesizing feedback from all the stakeholders and effectively integrating that with the agency work required clear lines of communication and a lot of back and forth. The final project was a great success.

Team Fox Fundraising Pages

teamfoxOne of my favorite projects was redesigning the UX/UI for the TeamFox website and grassroots fundraising application. I led our group to create a more appealing and simpler experience which helped the TeamFox fundraisers raise over $15 million for Parkinson’s Research. Aside from generally improving the look and feel of the fundraising application we made other changes such as a streamlined navigation to prevent drift and bounce, more prominent calls to action, and a better social sharing experience. In addition we improved the display of goals and progress to encourage more donations.

Mobile Site

Another enjoyable project was creating a mobile website for The Foundation. We analyzed traffic and browsing patterns and designed a simplified version of our site to provide an optimal browsing experience for mobile users.

Tribute Pages

Here’s an example of some wireframes I did for a project that never materialized, unfortunately. A new section on the Foundation website for users to create tribute pages to raise money in honor or memory of their loved ones. They key here was to create a clear distinction between TeamFox fundraising efforts and the tribute pages so that users wouldn’t be confused about what type of page they were creating. It was also imperative that the product be well integrated with the regular donation process so that users who were donating on behalf of a particular person would know to search for a tribute page first.

Responsive Email Template

Email January 2013 FoxFlash Michael J. Fox Brings Parkinson s to Primetime Get Involved with The Michael J. Fox FoundationFor our online marketing efforts I designed and coded a new responsive email template for our monthly newsletters. The goal here was to create an easy to modify template which work well in all clients and also stay true to the style of the website to foster a more seamless transition from email to site.