Lexsure (formerly ConveyCentric) provides me an opportunity to serviceĀ a user persona that I never knew existed. Being from the US, I never heard of a conveyancer. After working with the talented team at Lexsure, I now know more about UK real estate law than I will ever possibly need to know. I researched, designed and implemented a variety of SAAS applications to help lawyers manage risk and lower insurance premiums.

Some of the screens below represent a snapshot of some of my work.


This screen represents a summary of cases which are either approved, require attention, or rejected.


To solve a huge navigation problem, I implemented a meg-nav dropdown to give users access to the entire range of features from anywhere in the app.


This dashboard presents a visual representation of cases that include anti-money laundering issues.

CompletionMonitor – Before

CompletionMonitor – After

Notable features of this checklist app are a fully responsive layout, Google materials inspired button effects, dynamic sliding side nav and ajax search widget.