Josh Weinstein

I'm Josh W. I fight for the users. I'm a passionate advocate for designing and building interfaces that people want to use. I delight in the small details that unobtrusively enhance and improve mundane activities. I dig into data with a voracious appetite - not because I believe it should determine our decisions, but because I believe that it is a powerful tool to inform and shape our instincts. I'm Josh W. I fight for the users.

What I’ve Done

What I've Done

Associate Director, Web Technology, The Michael J. Fox Foundation

September 2011 - September 2013

Web Design/UX Consultant

February 2007 - September 2011

Creative Director, Significal Ltd.

June 2009 – March 2010

Creative Director, MyStudio

June 2007 – October 2008

Creative Director, PurchasingInfo

June 2007 – October 2008

Art Director, ICQ Ltd. / AOL

November 1998 – April 2005


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